Bushcraft: Meaning and the Best Axe to Use in 2022

So what is  bushcrafting? It is the knowledge and the skills that one has to thrive in the natural environment.

Bushcrafters do use tools like knives and axes to survive and enjoy in the wilderness by performing different tasks like splitting, hunting, fishing, building shelter, and tracking.

We have compiled a list that will save your time and energy when it comes to selecting the best bushcraft axes and hatchets.

Let's start with Hults Bruk Tarnaby Hatchet

"The hatchet not only fits easily in the pack but can also chop down a good size tree for a campfire."

Next is the  Hults Bruk Aneby

"This is particularly suited for hunting purposes during camping and hiking that is an advantage when you are alone in the woods or looking for prey."

TABOR TOOLS Chopping Axe

And if you want to experience splitting oak stumps of 24 inches wide in the first 2 swings, then you should try the sharp and effective

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