How to Correctly Split Wood With an Ax: The Best Technique

If you are an outdoorsman who loves to split wood for a campfire or someone who wants wood for heating houses using wood stoves, we are here to help and give you the best techniques.

These are the few tools you need for splitting. – Axe /maul/hatchetSolid Chopping block WedgeSledgehammerSafety glassesGloves

Important points to consider before selecting any type of ax hatchet or a maul. – Your physical     strengthHeight of the     splitterHow hard or big are     the logs

Let's get into the details on the best technique for splitting with an axe.

So the first technique you should learn is to stand with your feet placed evenly and shoulder-width apart.

You should then grasp the axe with both hands; Your dominant hand should be holding it from the top and the other hand placed at the lower end of the handle.

Once you swing the axe your top hand will slide down to the other hand to ensure power behind the strike.

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