Husqvarna Carpenters Axe Review

[Buyer’s Guide 2022]

Husqvarna has been known for producing quality but inexpensive axes for splitting and other related tasks.

The amazing thing about Husqvarna is that they provide hand-forged Swedish axes at almost half the price of their competitors like gransfors, Hults Bruk and wetterling’s.

This axe is not just for splitting, as the name suggests it can perform carpentry-related tasks like hewing logs, carving, and shaping, etc.

We will be reviewing this axe according to the parameters like length, balance, power, and durability along with functions it can perform.

Head  This ax head is made of solid Swedish forged steel which is famous for its strength and low cost.

Handle The very satisfying thing about the axe handle is its great balance. This balance is provided with slightly curved wood that also enables a firm grip on the handle.

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