What is a Cord of Wood and How to Measure It

The cord of wood is actually (4 *4 *8) that is 4 ft. wide 4 ft. in height and it should be 8 ft. in length.

The amount of wood in a cord depends on the average size of each wooden piece in a stack.

Why do they call it a cord of wood? Line, string, or a cord is typically used to tie the bundle or a stack of wood and the name cord was derived as a measuring unit for firewood.

The standard volume of a cord is around 128 cubic feet but you should also consider other variables like the gaps between logs when the wood is stacked in a cord.

There should be 1536 board ft to make a cord as 1 cubic ft is around 12 board ft as per google calculations.

So if we consider the calculation a cord of wood should have 7 logs of 18 inches on a small end and 16 ft. long.

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